An interview with Marcin Szeląg – Open Coffee Krakow Partner

Marcin is a familar face in the Krakow Start Up Community, and we are both shareholders in This blog post also appeared on the Open Coffee Krakow blog

I decided to draw attention to contributors to and participants in Open Coffee Krakow in a series of interviews. Marcin is first so thanks to him for that:-)

Please introduce yourself, who are you, what do you do and where are you from

Marcin Szeląg

Marcin Szeląg


My name is Marcin Szeląg, I’m a Partner at Innovation Nest – an early stage VC fund focused on SaaS. My main area of expertise is online marketing and sales in SaaS and eCommerce. I am based in Kraków.

When did you first hear about Open Coffee Krakow ?

Winter 2012

Why did you get involved in Open Coffee Krakow related activities. What is your primary motivation?

I liked the idea. Being an investor always looking for new opportunities to invest, my main motivation was to meet new startups/founders.

About how many meetings have you attended

too many to remember. I am a regular at Open Coffee.

What did you do to support Open Coffee

Innovation Nest is one of the sponsors of Open Coffee.

 What do like most  and why do you keep on coming back

I like the whole idea of starting the day with an open meeting where you can meet new people. It is also a great motivator to get up early in the morning. What I like the most about Open Coffee is that is very viral and it constantly attracts new people.You can always meet new people.

what is your most memorable moment from the meetings

The pitch by Maciek at przedszkolowo.

Is there anything you’ed like to happen at OCKRK? if we could change something what would it be ?

There is nothing that comes to my mind. It is fine the way it is.

 What do you say when you meet someone who hasn’t heard of OCKRK to encourage them to come.What would you say to someone who is considering getting up early in the morning so that they can come to an OCKRK meeting?

I would say that if you are new to the startup community, Open Coffee is a great place to start meeting people in this community.

What funny interesting and/or strange facts can you tell us about yourself than most people don’t know about ?

I used to live in Australia for more than six years. This time has shaped my character in a way that most of the time I am relaxed and it is really hard to get me stressed out. It is something I adopted from the Aussie culture.

What do you hope you will be doing in five years from now, and what should be happening at Open Coffee Krakow meetings

I hope I will be working less and travelling more. As for Open Coffee, I hope there will be many more people attending.

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