An interview $200K/month podcaster John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs on Fire

by Richard Lucas August 2014

listen to the interview here 

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I often listen to John’s daily interview with entrepreneurs here  and wanted to interview him. He is as interesting as the guys he interviews, and we can learn from his success. Thanks to him for the time

He responded with an audio interview,which I have put on Soundcloud here 

I’ll try to add questions in my own voice later but for now we have him asking the questions you can see below and here

Please give key facts about your company, how many people you employ, your yearly turnover, and other striking facts. many of the people reading this will not have been on your web site etc. They’ll be glad to know what you are doing, how much has been invested, the basic numbers.

Where did you get your entrepreneurial spirit from, who inspired you, or were your role models when you were young?

Different leaders have different styles – what are the most important goals of your job, and what might people find surprising about you if they worked in your team

Entrepreneurs on Fire obviously doing well. What of your achievements are you most proud of and regard as unique and special

Obviously there are plenty of other podcasters with talent in the “promotion of entrepreneurs” space and many of them are going to be good at ”self promotion” I heard you say in one of your interviews that you lacked a place where there was a new podcast every day  – which is one differentiator. How else do you aim to be better different and to keep ahead of any competition?

You talked about “firing people up” . Is that what gets you out of bed in the morning ? is that it or are there other things that really make you glad to go to work

Why did choose this as a career choice, what else might you have been, and what might you later in life? ?

What interesting or surprising jobs or other things have you done apart from leading companies

What do you think about Europe in general as a place to work, rest and live. You were in Barcelona last week. what do you say to American colleagues who are not so internationally aware about going into business internationally ?

Way back I interviewed ex fighting forces – Airforce and Navy – about leadership. what can you tell people about the impact the military life has on your business skills

Where do your source your entrepreneurs. How do you decide who to interview for EoF.

If a person reading this wants to make contact/give feedback what should he or she do?

What else would you like to tell readers that we haven’t covered?

Thanks again, make sure you you visit his website and listen to his replies

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  1. WOW, great article and thank you for the kind mention…I am honored!