22 interesting announcements and projects at Open Coffee Kraków today

by Richard Lucas

16th October 2014 at Google for Entrepreneurs Kraków

A bustling and very international Open Coffee this morning, only about 15 people at 08:00 but at least 40 by the time the meeting closed.   If I made mistakes or left you out apologies.. a blogger volunteer would be welcome.

I explained the rules and idea. (more detail here  )

everyone can have 1-2 minutes: telling others present   who you are,  where you are from, what you are doing, what you want, how we can help you and what you can offer.

The introductions to everyone stops and networking happens at 09:00. English preferred, Polish OK. We welcome foreingers in Kraków – (we have a historical role as a trading centre). It’s no problem if you are not an entrepreneur, or a geek. Geeks and Entrepreneurs are welcome, but anyone positive minded is welcome, whether investor, employer/employee, future business partner, clients, suppliers or someone who just wants to promote their project. People who make it by 08:00 in the morning to our events  – which start on time –  are a step or two ahead. Here is who took the time to make announcements today and we had the pleasure to host:

1 Maya Joachim  one of the co-founders of FarmerFinder.com  -all the way from Australia –  looking for developers moved with her team to Cracow. (Smart move 🙂

Joanna Sawicka   – the writer and social media caretaker 🙂 If You wish the words to change the world (on Your website or company blog) I can help with that (copywriting, posts, articles – both PL and ENG). http://worldofchange.pl/

3 Łukasz Siatka one of our hero host ockrk.co volunteers told us about  http://devfest.pl and 4  http://designthinking.pl/design-thinking-week/

Samuel Cook told us about his  Digital Publishing Company http://prism-communications.com and other company  http://triathlonresearch.org can help with podcasts

6  Mike Pilecki CEO & Sound Designer at Mono StudioSound Design /startups / entrepreneurship   https://soundcloud.com/monostudiomusic told us about his sound company also looking for other opportunities

Madeline Betlehem is in Colab.pl til Tuesday with her healthy living food project

8  Konrad Pabianczyk Owner at K. WASP Consulting BlueSky Theorist, Innovator, Problem Solver, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Researcher, StartUps  Konrad is a American Pole  coming home  has ideas for a startup..

Fred Cox, CFA Brazilian, complicated background..  is with http://www.picturehouses.co.uk spends half his time in Krakow, told him about the iBeacon possibilities

10  Bart Czarnecki CEO at StagingMate Ltd. Winter is just around the corner… cannot focus on work… is looking for foreigners with garden centres to give input into http://www.zaprojektuj-ogrod.pl

11 Michal Smiałko told us about  http://www.prismake.com ex BASE CRM (one of Krakow’s best and most successful startups) does iOS apps, ready to talk to anyone interested in doing Apps one of the most engaged people in IOS community.  does cocohead(?)   and  AGHacks – the biggest students hackathon. And it’s coming next week 🙂

12 Peter Braga  from Hong Kong/Canada represent investors from Hong Kong. ready to put in $20-250K to decent projects wondering about exporting Solar Panel Tech to Poland  has money 🙂

13 Tomasz Ozon Embedded SW Developer  Looking for hardware & software projects to join to. Didn’t talk about his tram simulator.  Ready to help with hardware software projects

13 Alex Jaholkowski Graduate Student at Jagiellonian University From the US, studying in Krakow, coming up with a business plan to stay here  looking for help with  https://izi.travel

15 Przemyslaw Stanisz Co-founder and managing director at Mintia.com, Co-founder at NorthStarConsulting Pitch! 2 – effective sales training session http://www.web.gov.pl/programy_akademia_2014/710_4290.html

16 Ania Bywanis-Kwiecień UI/UX Designer at IBM, currently working on getting the HolePatchers project off the ground 🙂 She told us about  http://holepatchers.com  –  it  did well at Hack4Good

17 Fred Murumaa CEO at Snowangel Specializing in passive income systems Looking for funding for a Taxi Hailing  App http://taxify.eu

18 Kamil Łopata running COLAB & KrakSpot  krakspot.pl/ http://colab.pl told us about forthcoming event 22nd October with  Piotr Wilam and Kamil Stanuch

19 Bartosz Rybski new business manager at j-labs looking for business opportunities…what’s up in startup community

20 Joanna Formella  looking to promote and help with Women’s entrepreneurship event 19th November

21 Richard (your host) talked about techsaturdays.com/pl/News NONFERENCE in two days with Rafał Styczeń, John Biggs from Techcrunch and an awesome speaker line up

22 and the fact that he has a licence for TEDxKazimierz and that anyone who wants to help make it happen should get in touch

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One comment on “22 interesting announcements and projects at Open Coffee Kraków today

  1. Hi Richard,
    Great to hear about TedX.
    We would be really interested in helping you to manage things related with that event.
    My friends Przemek (Simon) Stanisz and Fred (we all came to the last OCKrk) are coming to Wroclaw, so maybe that’s gonna be a good opportunity to talk a little bit more about details.
    If not let’s get in touch. (attaching e-mail)
    Be well,