Open Coffee Krakow 2nd October 2014 at Google for Entrepreneurs

by Richard Lucas 2nd October 2014
I don’t normally post meeting summaries of  Open Coffee Krakow meetings but today I am to show what a dynamic atmosphere we have here in Kraków, I noted 23 useful announcements.
meeting starting

meeting starting

Below is a summary of who presented what – apologies if I made any mistakes. I’ll correct them on request.
We’ve been hosting Open Coffee meeting with Marta, and Aliaksei for more than a year. We are happy and proud of our high value, low cost early morning events. Read about the events here
today there was a big turnout -over 50 people- with many late comers and lots of people who didn’t register. It’s not too late do it here   We start at 08:00 sharp, and it’s best to be there 07:45.
The one minute announcements 
1 Don form London is looking around into school entrepreneurship projects
2 someone not wearing a badge told us about his freelance video making platform
3 Marta told us about her startup Dropsport  and her regular work at world class compnay Brainly  looking for web analytics
4 Michal Driebergen radio journalist from the Netherlands is making a report about Startups  for and was interviewing people
5 Łukasz Siatka  – one of our volunteers told us about the
6 Adam told us about a simple App  for restaurants including a calendar and guest book. he used to be a restaurant manager:  He will show us later.
8 Joanna told us about the Volunteer Appreciation event 3rd October in Pauza in Garden at 19 the Krakow Volunteer Appreciation Event and Afterparty If you know a volunteer invite them and come along to appreciate volunteers in Krakow
9 and she talked about Global Entrepreneurshiup Week  and
and  10 her event on 19th November for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day and
and  11 I mentioned the Business Speed Dating that will be part of the week.
12 Noam Lavi talked about Lavi Audio Designs
13 Dimas from Indonesia  – Brainly. Told us abut the amazing internet scene in Indonesia  and his award  winning anti plagiarism site  with a cool domain
14 Tomek told us about his tram simulator which has a market in  museum  and mass transport companies
15 he is looking for new clients from German for freelance IT programming
16 Michal is recruiting and told us abut Solar Winds and its cool culture
17 Paul looking for a girl friend <3 His Facebook profile is here 
18 I talked  KTP’s B2B Gielda from yesterday
19 We heard about language learning system Core and Quirks
20 Andrzej is our  photographer willing to do small projects for free but wants to make money
21 I told him about
22 Joanna talked about and how it is moving into events. she wants a partner , and usability help
23 Gosia Holden-Dzik talked about her event
24.Join COLAB Open Coffee next Thursday… and
we are at Zabłocie on 4 Romanowicza St. and 25    Y Combinator class “How to start a startup” on Mondays 6pm 
25  Paweł Brewczyński told Google the room was empty so they could lock  up and turned out  the lights

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