Zombie post – a WordPress blog comes back from the Dead

Posted on February 24, 2016

Richard Lucas

Towards the end of February 2015 I migrated this blog onto Richardlucas.com and posted “The Last Post” blog  where I wrote that it would be the last post ever on this blog (unless I changed my mind). Like a Zombie, this blog has come back to life.


I am not sure if I will post here again, but something is happening that might be of interest to WordPress bloggers. The stats for the old blog on WordPress are solid but not stellar   – around 1000 visitors a month on average. The most popular post by far being Letter to a new business partner  which still get 20-40 views a day.

Traffic on the old richardhlucas.wordpress.com blog

Traffic on the old richardhlucas.wordpress.com site

Traffic on the old richardhlucas.wordpress.com site

I am no technical wizard but it seems surprising that with no new posts since February, traffic on the old site seems to be higher than on the new.

An old Google Hack from my past was a way to show the number of inbound links –  a key concept in Google Page Rank. I don’t know if it still is accurate or significant, but it shows  287 inbound links to the old blog.. link: https://richardhlucas.wordpress.com  used compared to a Stellar 1 to the new  – admitttedly from the  ultra high value late and much lamented Economist’s Eastern Approaches  blog  –

link:www.richardlucas.com  links only to The Economist’s inbound link to my site, whereas

link: http://www.richardlucas.com has over 100,000 (note that E.L – the author of The Economist’s article is TEDxKrakow and TEDxKazimierz speaker, Economist journalist and author –  Edward Lucas, my admirable and brave big brother)


Traffic on the new Richardlucas.com blog 

The question are?

Why is traffic on the old WordPress site higher and and on the new site lower?

Was it a mistake to change?

Is there some means to improve traffic on the new site?

I’m going to post this on both my old blog here  and the new and try to compare the traffic to both, and send a link to this post to my WordPress consultant Rafał.

My business partner Pawel thought that it might be because WordPress does a good job of indexing blogs hosted on its site.

Anyone with other ideas about what may be going on is welcome to get in touch. Whether the Zombie will return to its resting place depends on what I what I find out.

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2 comments on “Zombie post – a WordPress blog comes back from the Dead

  1. Asieh Mar 3, 2016

    Hi Richard,
    You mentioned one point, that wordpress does a good job of indexing its blogs. This is very probable but what I think is more probable, is that your old website, was a kind of a ‘brand’, meaning it had an identity and visitors to your old blog had bookmarked it and never updated it with the new one. So either they go to your old address themselves and realize that it’s defunct, or they refer someone to your old blog (either to the main blog address or a link to a post).
    One thing you can look into in the stats of your old blog, is to check how many out of 287 inbound links were not to your blog home page but directly to a post like https://richardhlucas.wordpress.com/2012/04/15/10-lessons-fron-the-honeywell-operating-system/

    This could give you a clue. Also, you might have already done this, but if not, you can add your new blog to google index, here:

    You might also have checked this:

    Hope this helps.

  2. asieh Mar 3, 2016

    I wrote a lengthy reply to this post but it doesn’t appear here. I hope you received it.