My “Now” and “About me” pages are updated

3rd January 2018
As part of my beginning of year housekeeping I’ve updated my Now page and my About Me.  ‘What’s a “now” page?’ I imagine a number of readers asking. One answer is to go here (that’s passive aggressive Richard speaking).  Another is to visit my Now page on and figure it out. Another is to visit the About on “”.

My Now page on NowNowNow

Another is to visit my “Now” page on here

My “Now” page on

The difference between “Now” and “About” is interesting. For Derek Sivers, whose idea “Now” pages are, and for whose ideas I have a great respect, it’s a time saver. For me, there is a process of “unification”.  It is  easy to give different versions of yourself to different people – not necessarily being dishonest – but just presenting yourself in the best possible light.  I’m not sure what the biggest gaps between my “Now” and my “About” are and will be. They were both written in the last 24 hours. I am going to check up on myself regularly,  look for gaps and try to understand why.

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