I describe myself as a business and social entrepreneur.

How others describe me varies – a profile about me in English was published here



I don’t distinguish between “work” and “life” nor worry about work/life balance.

TEDxKazimierz team on stage


I prefer to be active/do things that are useful, interesting and valuable – whether for profit or  not.  I take great pride in being able to celebrate and promote the work of others. I’m very proud of having put Wojtek Narębski’s life story on the TEDxKazimierz stage.

Professor Narębski on the TEDxKazimierz stage_TEDxKazimierz

Professor Narębski on the TEDxKazimierz stage



Having a conversation or reading a book counts as activity to me.  Sunbathing doesn’t. The main theme of this blog are entrepreneurship and its promotion, and interviewing people who are doing things relevant to future projects. Once of the best things about having a blog, a podcast, running a TEDx, doing an Open Coffee,  and a lot of businesses is that they  give me a reason to approach almost anyone doing anything interesting.  asking them if they want to buy, sell, speak,  be interviewed, or just attend whatever I am organising.

The main themes of this blog are:

TED.com and TEDx of which I am a strong supporter.

TEDxKazimierz  – an event for which I hold the licence from TED.com

I was interviewed here by another TEDx licence holder –  Mark Sylvester – about my TEDx experience.

ProjectKazimierz.com  a podcast I helped launch and co-host

Wojtek the Soldier Bear  a volunteer effort to promote the learning of Poland’s history through a remarkable soldier bear who fought with the Anders Army and ended his life in Edinburgh Zoo.

Open Coffee Kraków  an initiative to bring low cost high impact early morning networking to Krakow.

I have been aware of the unmobilised potential of alumni to promote entrepreneurship for many years and since 2015 am doing something about it.  I wrote about it here, I founded Wintrepreneurs with Ed Neale in London for Winchester College where I was at school between 1979-84 and CAMentrepreneurs both of which are designed to be examples of the change that is needed.  I launched Krakow Enterprise Mondays in 2016 and helpled launch Entrepreneurs @ Jewish Community Centre Krakow in 2018.

I share and promote people, projects and ideas I believe in via blog posts on this site. I post links to interviews here on different social media platforms, and links to articles and  content that I am responsible for or approve of.

If you want me to invest in your business read this first.

If you are planning an event and or are wondering if I would speak or somehow support it, check out this  (which I wrote in a  bad mood) after an event I was speaking at started late.

and have a licence to do  TEDxKazimierz  on Facebook here.
I host Open Coffee Kraków meetings every second Thursday and the FAQ which I wrote gives a sense of what I am like and my values. If you want to contact me try richardlucas(at)richardlucas.com or on Linkedin  or on my Facebook here  but note this.

Feedback and comments are welcome.

last updated May  2018

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  1. Richard. It would be useful to have your email and phone. This eve if possible.
    Are you in london next 2 days. You could come to my startup course at bcs
    Tom Gilb