My name is Richard, I'm a business and social entrepreneur with over 500 employees in small and medium sized mainly technology companies in Europe, the USA and Asia. More about the businesses later.

My non-profit activities are primarily to do with entrepreneurship, the promotion of entrepreneurship, and TEDx, alumni activation, event hosting, public speaking and leadership.

I teach entrepreneurship and run business courses in Universities, schools and at community events.

The most high profile projects I am involved in are TEDxKazimierz, the Project Kazimierz podcast CAMentrepreneurs, Open Coffee Krakow, Krakow Enterprise Mondays and the Wojtek the Soldier Bear project, which I have written about here (and got a medal for), and Krakow Standup Comedy. I'm particularly interested in changing the way that schools and universities interact with their alumni with respect to the support of entrepreneurship. Although I don't have direct involvement - I am a big supporter of Krakow Magicians community. I have been a Couchsurfer and still occasionally host and stay with people. Rather few people understand how big a commitment I have to and TEDx. Reading my profile help give a sense but doesn't capture the scale of my engagement completely.

I also post links to interviews and mentions on social media platforms, and links to articles that I want to share. If you want to contact me try richardlucas (at) Facebook or Linkedin.

My businesses are listed on my Linkedin profile - They are real businesses in the sense of having clients, staff, management, revenue and sometimes profits. I've done nothing as successful as Google or Facebook. but some - like Argos Multilingual - are among the best companies in the world in their sector, others like Zalamo , Everuptive and ISL are market leaders in Poland, others like Unicard and SKK Global are very strong in some of the markets they are active in. PMR has a powerful brand in Poland as a source of unbiased forecasts and analysis, sectoral events and business services especially in the Construction, Life Sciences, IT and FMCG/retail sectors.

I have been in the management board of some of these businesses, CEO of two of them, and am on the Supervisory Board of three. If you want to do business with them and the idea makes sense I can help make introductions but I am not the ultimate decision maker, so don't think that persuading me will be enough.

Others of my more recent investments are high profile are regarded as successful like Cambridge Mask, Estimote, Love Krakow, Syndicate Room, They have never paid me a dividend, salary or consulting fee. This does not mean that they are failures as businesses. However, no matter what the "paper" value of a business, and how much positive PR it has, as an investor, until you have more money afterwards than before you have not succeeded. I exited Untitled Kingdom  , Racing Life and Vantage Power .  There are many investments not listed here that never made it. I do not regard myself as particularly good at this.  If you want to get good at investment, and business and don't know what to do, watch my TEDxTarnow talk here.

            My talk at TEDxTarnow 2019 on Opportunity Readiness

If you want me to invest in your business idea, please read this first.

Public speaking, hosting and event improvement consulting. If you want me to help with, host or speak at your event, take a look at this. I wrote it in a bad mood when the event I was speaking at started late. The ten thousand hours I have spent preparing speakers for the TEDxKazimierz stage, hosting, and organising events has had a noticeable impact on me. I don't accept badly organised events. I offer to help make them better if the organisers are interested. My own speaking and hosting skills have improved in recent years. I am still learning.

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