July 2020

Open Coffee Global 27th July

Open Coffee Krakow #216 16th July

TED Circles 8th July https://tedcircles27.eventbrite.co.uk

Open Coffee Krakow #215 16th July

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June 2020

Open Coffee Global online #2 – with Christopher Cytera 29th June TED Circles #10 10th June Open Coffee Krakow 4th June

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May 2020

TEDxKazimierzSalon – Can online marketing be ethical? 28th May Open Coffee Global  – looking beyond the crisis 25th May TEDxShenkarCollege TEDx talk 24th May The TEDxShenkarCollege  Pre-Event 23rd May Entrepreneurship during the crisis – CAMentrepreneurs/CUE 13th May TED Circles #8 – Life at its fullest 6th May

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April 2020

TEDxKazimierzSalon – Entrepreneurship and Leadership 24th April

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March 2020

Asbiro Business School workshop Łódź  CAMentrepreneurs/CUE meetup hosting Cambridge 4th March

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Before February 2020

2019 Krakow Enterprise Mondays Xmas Party and  Quiz 16th December. TED Circle Krakow (and on line) 11th December TEDxKazimierzWomen 7th December Krakow, Organising/Hosting The Chatty Cafe Scheme launch in Poland 5th December, Krakow. organising. Past Events Pre TEDxWeekendTaipei meetup/All Hands Taiwan/CAMentrepreneurs Info Meeting 31st October, Taiwan, Organising/Hosting details here TED Circle Taipei hosting 30th October, Taiwan details here TED Circle Krakow 26th October hosting […]

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