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I keep the previous entries, in chronological order rather than update and delete, so it reads like a diary in reverse order.

3rd December 2019 I’m working on my first TEDxKazimierzWomen event with live speakers, My first on- and off- line TED Circle, the launch of Chatty Cafes in Poland, developing Krakow Enterprise Mondays plans to launch in Canada, developing strategy for CAMentrepreneurs for 2020. For next year, working my TEDxKazimierz plans and my priorities. If all goes well with licensing, and the event later this month, I will be doing Salons, a Live event, Adventure, Circles and a Standard event in 2020.

In terms of how October and November looked,  the TEDxWeekendRoma and TEDxWeekendTaipei events and Pre-Events were memorable and gave much food for thought. I’m committing to TED Circles. The CAMentrepreneurs launch in Cambridge went well.

21st September 2019 All the topics from my 3rd August update still be worked on, plus a licence for TEDxKazimierzWomen in December, and a live event with Poland’s most famous business podcaster Marcin Jankowski.  Preparing for an insanely busy 6 weeks, as per hereManaged a small exit from a software company. Getting close to my beating my numbers of  runs compared to 2018, despite my injury from Dec ’18- April 19. First September with no children in school.  Feels like a major watershed in life.   

3rd August 2019

I’m working on preparing CAMentrepreneurs launch in Cambridge, visits to Italy and Taiwan for TEDxWeekends in Rome and Taipei. Krakow Enterprise Mondays spreading to Lublin and Warsaw TEDxKazimierzAdventures, TED Circles, and deepening co-operation with Chatty Cafes, it feels as if the final few months of the year are going to be busy and some public speaking engagements in Krakow and London.

Having got the pre-TED Summit Social Gathering in Edinburgh done, my first workshops for the Masters in Entrepreneurship at the Judge Business School in Cambridge University under my belt, and received many ideas and much inspiration from the TED Summit.

May 2nd 2019

Planning a new TEDxAdventure event, actions connected to the Campaign to End Loneliness/Chatty Cafes,  CAMentrepreneurs and Enterprise Education activities, Enterprise Mondays and Open Coffee spreading to other cities and countries.

24th  February 2019
I’m working on
TEDxKazimierzSalon events. The challenge is over subscription with 376 people on the waiting list for the nearest event. We are experimenting with audience curation for the first time using this process   for an event without live speakers. We don’t want to use money as a filter.

There are lots of interesting TEDx things in the pipeline including (probably_ a workshop for TEDx-ers  at the TED Summit in July, a weekend long Salon and Adventure in my house in June, and an attempt to evaluate the impact of my 10 year long TED journey.

The Project Kazimierz podcast is up and running again.

I’ll expect I’ll be helping get  CAMentrepreneurs going in Dubai in April and  Open Coffee Kraków going in Wrocław.  In April, I’ll be going to a University reunion in the UK. It will be interesting to see how much has changed in the last 30 years.

I return to teaching entrepreneurship courses in WSE,  the UEK MBA programme soon. The challenges of teaching people with very different expectations are more apparent to me than previously.

Interesting things are going on  in several of the businesses I am involved in, but nothing that I can write about here.

I’m worrying a lot about the future of the UK.  My views about Brexit were made clear herebut the fact that I am secure in my Polish identity does not stop me being deeply concerned about the future of Britons and foreigners in the UK alike.
14th November 2018

Teaching, TEDxKazimierz Events,  TEDxCapeTown, Pre Event in TEDxCapeTown

10th September 2018

Teaching Entrepreneurship
Preparing my classes for teaching entrepreneurship at Krakow University of Economics MBA programme, WSE/Tischner European College, Embassy School Krakow and Technikum Łączności.

Post 2018 event topics
Almost all post TEDxKazimierz videos processed, With Alina, we are doing Facebook Live interviews with past speakers, for example here with Paddy Ney. Doing this is a little stressful challenging as the technology doesn’t always work, the people we are talking to get stressed as well, it’s Live (and friends send comments like “why don’t you practice? It’s important ” when you can’t as it’s …well…  Live ..

I’m working on the future of TEDxKazimierz, with a team meeting for those who want to stay involved, and new potential team members. We are planning a  public information meeting with several other TEDx Organisers on Monday 8th October, to educate our local community and especially new arrivals in town about the whole TED and TEDx movement.

Under Alina Usyk’s stewardship we are planning TEDxKazimierzWomen in Kraków Technology Park on 8th December.

Krakow Enterprise Mondays is getting ready for its new season with three events and a Christmas Party ably led by Ewelina Skrzypczyk. The next event will be 15th October in UEK.

I’ve started podcasting again at Project Kazimierz though not as frequently as I would like.

I’ve a few new speaking engagements.  I update about them here

16th June 2018

TEDxKazimierz was a week ago. Very happy with how it went and to have it behind me. Now I am working on

TEDxKazimierz Post-Event Close Down and Follow Up. This involves
Thank youa to partners, speakers and the others who donated serious amounts of time for free to the cause.
Talking to team members and volunteers about they feelings, plans for the future,
TEDxKazimierz talk video post production
TEDxKazimierz follow up survey.
Budget reports for TED and our main (and only 🙁 donor )

Planning Post event PR

Apart from this I am working on:

Introducing the idea of Entrepreneurs in Residence to Polish business schools, partly by teaching courses myself 2018/19.

Investigating if I can bring English Scrumpy cider to Poland.

Investigating if I can find a team to bring Sunday Assembly to Poland or at least do a pilot event.

Investigating the feasibility of a “high density trendy temporary accommodation for events” business.

Supporting existing businesses where I have a significant shareholding and a role.  (Argos, Everuptive, ISL, PMR, SKK, Unicard, Zalamo), and doing what I can where I am an angel investor (Cambridge Mask, Crowdcube, Syndicate Room, Vantage Power)

Supporting non-profit initiatives, Entrepreneurs Club @ Jewish Community Centre,  Krakow Enterprise Mondays, OMGKRK events, Open Coffee Krakow Project Kazimierz podcast, my blog. TEDxKazimierz and other TEDx-es.

Doing more Krakow Standup Comedy slots.

Getting fit again (after 5 months of injury) I’m running and playing squash. I did my first Parkrun this year today. I’m very happy about that.

Catching up with all the family and friends I’ve been neglecting due to TEDxKazimierz.

Planning my holidays.

Sorting out my “to do” list, which is in a miserable unverified state.

15th May 2018
Applications for the TEDxKazimierz main event are  open.  It’s in three and a half  weeks.

29th April 2018

An intense couple of weeks is over. I visited New York, where I attended the TEDFest and organised the Pre-Event and a CAMentrepreneurs lunch. My birthday party was a week ago, Krakow Enterprise Mondays on 23rd, Entrepreneurs@Jewish Community Centre Krakow and TEDxKazimierzLive yesterday. It was very gratifying to see Krakow Enterprise Mondays  launch successfully in a new part of the University. My hope it that meetups of this format should be a regular part of entrepreneurial eco-systems, as they are different (and much better) than most I go to.

What’s new?  I’ve reviewing a pre-publication copy of my friend and business partner Peter Cowley’s book, The Invested Investor. I appeared on his podcast a few month ago here. I’ll reveal more when it is published in the autumn. I was recently on Mark Sylvester’s Podcast “Hacking the Red Circle” here, where I was able to share a lot of my TEDx related experience and opinions.  Mark Sylvester is very nice  TEDx organiser – and hosted a dinner in New York which I was privileged to attend.

I’m still dabbling in Krakow Standup Comedy. was quite pleased with my birthday set. I wish I could be more predictably funny.  The idea that I can go on stage and tell jokes that make people laugh at all is still a source of extraordinary satisfaction.

The TEDxKazimierz main event is coming soon, and is taking up – as always  – an unreasonable amount of my time and energy.   The pleasure of working with the speakers and team is real. Making sure everything goes right on the day is a source of nervous tension too.

24th March 2018

Work Steady progress in most of the businesses I am involved in.  I focus more on supporting companies I am already involved in rather than starting new ones.  It’s not a hard and fast rule.


I’m looking into the way entrepreneurship is (or isn’t being) taught in Business Schools. I’ll be on a panel at the Krakow MBA Congress in May on this topic.  It may be that to teach in a University in Poland you need a PhD which would rule out “entrepreneurs”.  how many business schools have Centres for Entrepreneurship like The Rock Centre at Harvard. Towards the end of 2018 and first half of 2019 I’ll see what I can do at  some business schools in this area.

I’ve recorded a couple of new podcasts for Project Kazimierz.

One of my Quora answers about Poland has got more than 20,000 views, and 198 likes. I’m trying to figure out why.
I migrated my public speaking and events to this blog post which I keep up to date

CAMentrepreneurs is becoming a legal entity. I’ll be attending a lunch in New York next month.

The biggest completely new project I am working on is a Pre Event before the TEDFest in New York in April. It’s in a brand new co-working space near Central Park in Manhattan, and I’m doing it with Aaron Sylvan the Curator of TEDxFulton Street.

Under three months until the TEDxKazimierz main event. This is a big commitment/so much work I could write a separate blog post about what this involves, but I feel too busy :-).

2nd January 2018

Happy New Year.
I’m behind on my 2018 yearly plan.
It’s a funny thought, given that my main goal is to be be more productive. I was inspired by Ivan Mazour’s blog post here  . It contains lots of good advice.

I wrote to him telling him how I’ve removed Twitter Notifications and what some of my plans are for the year. A word of advice for anyone reading this. If you like something you read, see or hear, tell the person or people you did so.  I wrote to Clare Dwyer Hogg about her BBC Radio drama  “Have you seen this child” because it moved me so much. At the 2016 TED Summit  Margaret Heffernan gave a compelling workshop on how important it is to appreciate what other people have done for you and *let them know about it*.  I appreciated her workshop – (and yes, I did let her know 🙂 and will send her a link to this post later.  

11th December 2017

As the year ends, I’m focussed on getting things ready for next year’s TEDxKazimierz activities in Poland and the USA, my family Christmases in Poland and the UK, the TEDxKazimierz Xmas Party, my New Year’s Eve party, getting my final Project Kazimierz podcast interviews of the year sorted, and writing a blog post about event organisation. I’m full of appreciation of my daughter Antonia’s TEDxYouth@Warsaw which took place in Campus Warsaw on Saturday 9th December. A few business decisions need to be taken –  none life changing.  I’m looking for the space to think about balancing longer term priorities too.

27th November 2017
The last 7 weeks have been very busy. Two foreign trips, hosting and speaking at about 7 events. After my experience at the PAMI conference   I may have found a new career as an event advisor, as  you will discover  if you read the blog posts that follow up on this topic.

Some new podcast episodes. including Krysia Griffith-Jones and Russell Hicks.  Opposite end of the spectrum. As I said in a talk in AGH – sometimes its the oddest things that give the most satisfaction.

Last events for this year are
Krakow Enterprise Mondays,
the TEDxKazimierz Xmas Party
two more Open Coffee Krakows,
preparing my 5 minutes for  Krakow Standup Comedy Open Mic
visiting Warsaw for TEDxYouth@Warsaw.
Several company Christmas parties.
A few more podcast episodes to record.

5th October 2017

In the UK, going to  TEDxShoreditch where I am going to hear Pippa Evans talking about Sunday Assembly. I interviewed the curator  Katie Underwood on my Project Kaizmierz podcast here    I was proud to have my father JR Lucas on the show. The interview was some time ago, the podcast went on line yesterday.

I’m coming towards the end of Piotr Nabielec’s productivity course. I wrote about this here  and had Piotr on the podcast too.

Rebooting TEDxKazimierz, Krakow Enterprise Mondays, Open Coffee Kraków, possible new paid part time job, being a mentor, speaking engagements in Krakow and London.

October is going to be busy.

2nd September 2017

Very busy catching up after a month in Edinburgh staying with my daughter and putting on an event as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, with Daniel Lucas, Helena Lucas and Michał Skubida.   I need to work have an hour of material I believe in before I put on my own show. Target end of 2018.

In the run up to a major international TEDx organiser workshop 15-17th September. We will have TEDx Organisers and team members from many European Countries, and the Head of TEDx Licencing Will Davis from New York as a special guest.

About to launch Cambentrepreneurs in Poland.  Doing a Project Kazimierz Live podcast recording with Sam Cook at an event where he will hand over the project to me.

5th July 2017

Right now, I’m in Cape Town, in my old University friend’s down town small apartment  with two of my children. We make a second attempt to go up Table Mountain , go to Standup Comedy with the son(s?) of our charming Couchsurfing host Gill this evening, are planning to (try to) learn to Surf, go on Safari, make contact with TEDxCapeTown, possibly visit the seaside for “Whale watching”. So plenty of new experiences ahead.

Being on holiday is so different to day to day life…  On the one hand a more relaxed pace, on the other hand,,, the feeling of things piling up back home in Poland…

My non holiday thoughts are to with closing out the TEDxKazimierz event, preparing for the TEDx Regional organisers meeting I am hosting, and the launch of Cambentrepreneurs in Warsaw in September.

I’m trying to read Sapiens a book recommended by a friend

I don’t discuss family, friends and specific business topics here (a policy decision I just made).


10th June 2017

Right now I am preparing for the summer holidays, which notably include first ever visits to South Africa, and first ever performance at the Edinburgh Free Fringe Festival.

I have to write my show.

Since my last update I’ve been granted Polish citizenship of which I am very proud. I feel secure no matter what happens with Brexit. I’m Polish, British, English, a bit Scottish, a European, a TEDx-er, a Krakowian, a Dad, and a Citizen of the World.

I’m quietly satisfied that the dreadful Theresa May and her ministers got a bloody nose in the UK general election.

I am running again, about 3 miles/5km most days of the week. Soon I will go on the “Ride for the Living” with my sister Helen,  biking from Oświęcim (which is known to the world as Auschwitz) to the Jewish Community Centre in Krakow. See a talk about the Ride at TEDxKazimierz here

As usual business is a mix of challenges with some things going well, others less so.

The TEDxKazimierz main event on my birthday was very highly rated by the participants, team (and me). We had a successful Transcribe-a-thon last weekend.

A big challenge now is the regional meetup for TEDx Organisers from all over the region 15-17th September.

The second season of Krakow Enterprise Mondays closed successful, and restarts in October

Cambentrepreneurs launched in New York, had second meetings in London and Edinburgh, and will launch in Warsaw on 2nd September.

Krakow Standup Comedy is making progress.


Read  “about me” here

10th March 2017*

Right now I am assembling documents to try to prove I am a worthy member of society, in preparation for my “citizenship” interview.

More generally I’m leading
TEDxKazimierz (main event 22nd April 2017) . It’s very demanding and very rewarding.
Krakow Enterprise Mondays  bringing together alumni who have gone into business and students who are interested in going into business.
Cambentrepreneurs   to support business and social entrepreneurship among alumni of Cambridge University and others Project Kazimierz  My podcast on innovation and entrepreneurship.
Open Coffee Krakow   successful well established efficient bi-weekly meeting for people who are trying to get things done.

I’m supporting
Krakow Standup Comedy and seeing how far I can go as a performer and the Krakow Startup Community

I accept invitations to speak and judge at events from time to time, but not unconditionally.  I often come back with a counter proposal. I’m always keen to make sure events I am bothering to go to work well, are fun and useful, and regard this  post about how to make events better as one of the more important articles I have ever written.

I receive request to invest in businesses quite often and always steer people to my article Questions from a Potential Investor first.

My family, friends and businesses are on going long term commitments. I am always engaged with them and won’t update my “now” page about what I am doing with them.

Richard Lucas

*The inspiration for this page is this  which I learned about from Derek Sivers, whose TED talk “How to start a movement” has had a lasting impact on my life. His now page and excellent blog are here