Between expertise and ignorance - be a generalist

Richard Lucas January 2016 What I don't know, why it matters, and the importance of knowing the right questions to ask I spent a serious amount of time looking for answers to questions that are relevant to the businesses I am involved in, or researching business projects. If I find what I am looking for, I […]

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Which are the best Polish Startups - 2019

Richard Lucas's January 2019 update Introduction I definitely want to add Callpage, led by Ross Knap from Krakow to the list.  Vivid-Q (based in Cambridge and London), has Aleksandra Pedraszewska is a co founder and squeaks in. led by Michal Mojzesz already had a mention, but they are now funded, and they continue to be a very high […]

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Letter to a new potential business partner

This my most popular blog post -  I have slightly updated it for the beginning of 2020. This article appeared in Proseed Start up Magazine in December 2012 here I am aware that I don’t always live up to the standards I expect, but this are goals I aim for. By making them public, I […]

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