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The first ever joint meeting of Couchsurfers and and TEDx Fans in Krakow

The first ever joint meeting of Couchsurfers and and TEDx Fans in Krakow

The TED and TEDx fans travel and meet up club, which I announced as a community announcement at TEDxWarsaw, is having a joint meet up with Couchsurfers on 23rd April in Atekfakt fron 1830

What is the big idea ?

Bringing the world of Couchsurfing and TED/TEDx together.

People who are into and TEDx are pretty cool. The goal of TED and TEDx is spreading great ideas. More than a billion TED talks have been viewed on the internet since TED went viral, and some famous TED talks are about Couchsurfing and similar movements. If you have never seen a TED talk then watch and listen to Amanda Palmer – The Art of Asking

I want to acknowledge Ralph Talmont, Paul Klipp, Ewa Spohn and Krystian Aparta and hundreds of other volunteers who have got the TEDx and TED movement going in Poland, and put in a huge amount of work in organising the first TEDx events and Open Translation project.

People who are into Couchsurfing are pretty cool too. There are over 17,000 Couchsurfers in Krakow, and 6 million people belong world wide. Couchsurfers hang out and stay with each other for free when they travel, and organise regular meet ups.

Both groups are early adopters of the new world order of trust, giving and co-operation and The and TEDx Fans Travel and Meetup Club aims to bring the good things in these communities together.

This meetup will be a chance to watch TED talks, learn share and integrate. Will it turn into a regular event, will it spawn spin offs and copies. It’s very much in your hands.

If this works you can be anywhere on planet earth and get to hang out with people who have the values of Couchsurfing and the optimism and mission of TED This group was launched on Couchsurfing in January here went public in March with a launch on the TEDxWarsaw stage.

We are using the registration system of Open Coffee Krakow but if you are not a Linkedin member, or don’t want to use this, please just register on the Couchsurfing or Facebook events.

Neither TEDx nor Couchsurfers tend to be shy but we will be organising ice breaker and introductions.
If anyone attending the meeting wants to make a non commercial community announcement, we will try to make it possible. here is the programme
Tuesday 23rd April from 18:30
Where Artefakt-cafe Cellar Dajwór 3 31-506 Kraków
19:00-19:45 Informal Networking ice-breakers
20:00-21:30 TED talks and discussion in English/Polish subtitles
21:30 Calls to action/Summary
21:30 AFTERPARTY til whenever
Price: Free
Door Policy: Positive Mental Attitude

More information about the groups from the From the “about us” on Couchsurfing and on Facecbook

It is important to understand that this is not a TEDx event or a TED licensed event.. Anyone can show TED and TEDx talks under their Creative Commons license. I’ve checked with TED and provided it is non-commercial, not promoting a commercial agenda, and it is clear that this is not a TED or TEDx they are happy.

TED and TEDx are non profit, and have careful and strict rules about their brand and logo, which I support and respect. I don’t want this group to be taken over by corproate interests or do anything that TED and TEDx-ers would disapprove of “en mass”. If in the future TED start asking or requesting changes that I can comply with I certainly will do so.

TED has a community section here
and a conversations section here
an official Facebook page here