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First Open Coffee Krakow of 2015

No longer at Google for Entrepreneurs – we are on Kraków beautiful diplomatic street – Stolarska
Early morning on Stolarska
A busy  Open Coffee Kraków this morning in Ambasada Krakowian.  If I made mistakes or left you out apologies.. a blogger volunteer would be welcome. I explained the rules and idea (more detail here) everyone gets 1-2 minutes: where you present in English or Polish who you are,  where you are from, what you are doing, what you want, how we can help you and what you can offer. English preferred, Polish OK. We welcome foreigners in Kraków,  have a historical role as a trading centre, and are against nationalist, xenophobic trends West and especially East of Poland). We were honoured to have a French citizen with us today, and feel solidarity with all  lovers of freedom today.
Solidarity with France
Sympathy for France

It’s no problem if you are not an entrepreneur, or a geek. Geeks and Entrepreneurs are welcome.
Anyone positive minded is welcome, whether investor, employer/employee, future business partner, clients, suppliers or someone who just wants to promote their project.People who make it by 08:00 in the morning to our events  – which start on time –  are a step or two ahead.
You can see details of who attended here  Here is what was shared this morning and we had the pleasure to host:
Agnieszka Pasztyła from the University of Economics who is looking for a technical co founder.
Dawid from Sigmapoint told us how he is back after a break
Paul Klipp first TEDxKrakow leader is doing the  Ace Conference and  is looking for speaker suggestions also told us how he is running Kanaberry
Dominik a Software Developer  Rails C++  is looking for inspiration
Magda told us about her involvement in TEDxKazimierz
Ewa helped – lending her  her  laptop
Paul told us about his language learning app –  Twigit Richard told him about the need to learn how to promote it well in a minute
Ania told us about how Sam Cooke’s Prism Communication is looking for designers
Richard explained the boom in Podcasting, and how hard it is to find Podcast experts in Poland.
Mateusz told us about how is coming up
Anais Vincent told us she is available to help with projects before returning to France.
Looking to help in start up   – consulting
Kamil told everyone about
Mike & Lukasz told us about Mono Studio and their sound projects
Ewa about Music Mind
Michal Slaski told us about Lambda days and how great Opeb Coffee Krakow has been
Lambda Days  Functional Programming Label
Lambda Days Co-chair, Senior Architect, Branch Manager Lambda Academy looking for an Estimote type AppRichard praised their progressive values statement 
Richard encouraged people to get involved in TEDx movement, and TEDxKazimierz  looking for great speakers, projects and people from this part of the City