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How to get a ticket to TEDxKazimierz 2016 – the “audience curation” process – FAQ

As Curator of TEDxKazimierz I know that the process by which we allocate tickets is a source of many questions, much special pleading and miscomprehension. This post explains What we do and why we do it, and gives tips for those who are keen to improve their chances of getting a ticket.
2015 TEDxKazimierz Team on Stage

I regret the fact that not everyone who wants to attend can come. In an ideal world we would have unlimited capacity but our wonderful venue has limited capacity (about 230 seats in all).

We will have a  live stream, and we upload talks onto the TEDx Channel on Youtube.

The idea of audience curation in general is explained in the TEDx Organiser guidelines.
Because we cannot give tickets to everyone we  allocate tickets according to some rules and on the basis of information provided in the application form.   The form is the vital part of our audience curation process – before filling in the form please read these instructions. here is our FAQ
1. Why do I need to apply ?
The TEDxKazimierz team and our speakers have invested a huge amount of time for free to make a wonderful event. We want precious places at the event to go to people who we believe will contribute the most on the day – and do the most with the experience and ideas we give them.  We want people who commit to being positive and making a contribution, who will spread the word about what we do, use the talks and inspiration in their work and community, and who can persuade us that if they make a promise in their application they will keep it.

2. What are the components of a good TEDxKazimierz application.

– A sentence describing yourself, what you do and where you are from. We welcome diversity of age, nationality, background.  There are places for normal people too – for 20-25 year old Polish students – but if (for example) you are a Grandmother from Panama, running workshops in prisons –  you will bring diversity  – and it will be an honour to welcome you to our event.

– A sentence or two about why you want to come and how you will use the experience both to benefit yourself and more importantly other people.  Think about how you we can verify that what your saying is true. (for example if you say, I will write an article for my School Newsletter about the event, and send you a link, and post it on my Facebook wall, it suggests you are serious. (and we can check up on you 🙂
 –  information about your past activities and current position which shows you are “for real” (if you are) and suggests you are likely to be able to deliver your commitments. If you were active in a  student body, or run a training programme, or write a popular blog let us know.  Give us links, let us check you out.

– anything else that you think should encourage us to give you a ticket.    For example one TEDx applicant wrote “I’m raising two small children with little support. TED and  TEDx stops me from going crazy  – and I talk to my children about what I am learning even though they are a bit young to understand, I’ll do everything and anything I can to be positive and make a contribution on the day”. She got her ticket.

3 Doesn’t this make TEDxKazimierz elitist?

No. We are anti-elitist.  We don’t give tickets to people with important job titles, but to people who have a sparkle in their eyes, and who have a positive “can do” attitude.  We disciminate positively towards the characteristics all applicants have some influence over: To people who want to make the world a better place –  who will come to our event determined to contribute and make the day special, not just sit there, expecting to be impressed, being critical without being constructive, aiming to take rather than give.

Furthermore, you are trusting us with a day of your life. We don’t take you for granted. The success of our event is measure by the way attendees/participants feel about their experience. We don’t just aim to make sure you feel it was a great way to spend your day – we want you to tell people it was one of the best days in your year (or even your life). We aim for the stars.

 4 What you shouldn’t write on your form. Don’t be arrogant, rude or hostile. Every year there are people who don’t take the process seriously. We are serious about giving you a wonderful day, so don’t be surprised if assuming you deserve a ticket doesn’t work.

5. Who decides? Several members of the TEDxKazimierz team review all the applications and vote.

6. Why do I have pay ? The price of 29 zloty (about 7 Euro) is low (at cost) for an all day event with foreign speakers.  We are pre selling low priced lunches, and the ticket money goes on this. We also believe that paid tickets will reduce the horrible experience of “no shows” where people who were lucky enough to get  a ticket didn’t show up – thus depriving others of a chance to experience a wonderful day.   

7 Who pays for TEDxKazimierz ?
We cover our costs with generous financial support from Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Małopolskiego (the regional government) and a couple of other sponsors (in 2017 Delphi and IG) . other sponsors give “in kind” support, free badges, T shirts (Lynka thank you)  etc, .  Our biggest cost is the venue, (which we get at cost,  and speaker travel costs)  We are not allowed to pay them, because the speakers know we  work for free, they are ready to give their time for free.
8. Why are you not releasing all the tickets at once?  We don’t want to have a situation where people who are out of town for a few days miss the chance to apply.

9. If I don’t get a ticket will I be able to watch on line or with other people?
Yes  – we will have a live stream, details will be posted on the website and social media, and if there is demand we may organise viewing parties. If you don’t get a ticket we will tell you about the viewing party option.

10. where can I find out more about TED, TEDx-s and TEDxKazimierz   

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