September 12, 2016

"Please post details of my event on your FB Twitter Linkedin etc"

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Richard Lucas

September 2016

I sometimes get requested to promote and share details of  events on my Social Media channels.

I am usually more than happy to lend my "social network endorsement" (for what it's worth)  to people/events who/which look reasonable -  provided it is transparent and people can see what my relationship is with the event.  (If it is in my capacity as a TEDxKazimierz Licencee or any other "official role" I do a bit more due diligence) as I am subject to external rules and need to be concerned  about how far I have a mandate to endorse.

This is what I write back to people asking me to share/and promote.


"Please post details of your event in the on line groups below and then ask me to like and share by sending me a note on Linkedin  Facebook  or Twitter .
Here are some of the best places to get some visibility for your event in Kraków  (I may add and edit this list later so please feel free to contact me if you have additional suggestions).
The best listings site I am aware of is here Crossweb , This site is great for the whole of Poland, not just Kraków.
 The TED and TEDx Fans in Poland group. This "all Poland"  group for discussion and promotion of "Ideas Worth Spreading"   has 2737 members.  I moderate it.  I don't always accept commercial events.
The OMGKRK Facebook Group The main channel for the startup community in Krakow is here 3849 members
is my own baby and the Linkedin Group is here
Look forward to seeing your posts and sharing.
There are important advantages to this approach.
1. It takes the person asking slightly more effort than it takes me. This is reasonable given that they are asking me for help.  If they can be make the effort to do the posts  - I will usually be motivated to find the extra time to help them.
2. It is clear that I am not the organiser.  If I 'copy paste' something as if I wrote it, then sometimes people think it is “my” event.   I don’t want to be seen to be responsible for things I have had no input into. They might be better, worse (or just different) from things I have had a say about.  If I am copy pasting,  I end up having to think about how to  re-draft to make this clear, without being rude  -  and that uses too much mental energy.
3.  I can take a view on the business side of the event being promoted. If it is a TEDx type project being run for free by volunteers, I may  handle it a bit differently  than if if is is a ‘for profit” event where someone is trying to make money for themselves, or there is a huge budget.
4. It raises traffic and diversity on fora I care about. 

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