November 15, 2016

Help wanted - Media, students, patriots, optimists, risk takers, eco-system members

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November 2016


I've have a lot of meetings recently with a similar agenda

What do I/you do  ? What do I/you want? (unspoken agenda) Do I/you like the idea of doing things  together?

How can we help each other ?

of course, there is the "Get to know, background check, are you/I (?!) creepy, do I risk my reputation by being helpful, making introductions?"




I'm unusually trusting and helpful in my behaviour, even if in the background I have my "is this guy/girl dodgy?/what does he/she really want?" sensors switched on.

Sometimes I fire out invitations and introductions during my meetings, other times I follow up with a letter like this below.

This blog post includes the "copy paste" text I am often writing some versions of to those I just met:

If you want to help - get in touch.  If I can help you, (and you meet my smell tests :-)), and I've got the time. I will. Even if I've never met you.

Extract of my standard message

Dear <person I've just met>


You are more than welcome to attend the meetings I am responsible for and make a short 1-2 minute announcement about your project at the meeting.

Open Coffee Krakow 



Krakow Enterprise Mondays



or the next TEDxKazimierz Monthly Meetup.




If you want to talk for longer, let's discuss.

Do please promote these events - they are all free of charge-  to your community, and people you think would benefit.   If you want introductions to people in my network please just ask.

You asked how you can help in our mission to change to perception of enterprise for the better, and bring great ideas to global attention.  Thank you (There are many more people who approve passively, rather fewer who actually offer to help).

If you have any media contacts, with optimistic journalists/vloggers/bloggers who are interested in speeding up Poland's development and growth rate, please introduce me.

Journalists/Media are really important to us in getting to word out to those who don't realise how important the cause is. Not everyone realises that our national survival depends on making more of our potential. Journalists are also great sources of contacts for potential topics for TEDxKazimierz talks  They tend to have know what ideas are worth spreading . so introduce me to journalists. or contact them suggesting they ought to take an interest and show up.

Students we struggle with the "Thank God it's Friday" "Shame the Weekend is over" brainwashing that is propagated from multiple sources in Poland -  as if the ideal state of a happy Pole is resting.  To reach students we need contacts with leaders: from Student Associations, be they based on Faculty, Interest, or part of a global organisation like AIESEC. To reach students we also need contact with positive minded academics, both lecturers and in the administration.  The great support we get from AGH is an example that could be emulated by other Careers Offices.




Apart from students  - we need entrepreneurs who are patriots and risk takers.  Please introduce me to Entrepreneurs who would be ready to make short presentations and mentor/coach students.    Patriots because  we need people who both care about the country, can set a positive example and realise that unless Poland grows and prospers we are in danger and that we ought to work to make the best of our potential. Risk takers because my projects are new, and they have to trust that working with me will not damage their reputation.

An pro-business eco-system also involves government officials, politicians,  trade and professional associations, training bodies, NGOs, financial institutions, lawyers, accountants, recruiters, consultants and so on. It would be great if they were better represented in our pro enterprise eco-system. If you know the right type of person, please please send them along.    Anyone else you think I ought to know or work with  - just make the introduction.

If you can help with these projects, I will be very appreciative

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