January 21, 2017

Dear Little Brother ... 10 point plan for an unknown sibling

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Richard Lucas  January 2017
I saw the below post on Facebook, and thought that my answer might be valuable to more than this FB friend's little brother, so here is the post and my answer..


Facebook post asking for advice


Dear Little Brother... .

You are lucky to have a big sister who cares about you and your choices. but... it's your life..
You have to decide for yourself and you should be the judge of your own success..


Ten point plan

1 Read "So good they can't ignore you" reviewed here by Derek Sivers. Get really good at something.
2 Watch this advice to graduating students from University of Western Australia by Tim Minchin. If you don't know about Tim Minchin, watch anything of his on Youtube.  Wasting time on Youtube may not be the route to success.. but you may be inspired...

Watch Derek Sivers on TED...  Helping others is a form of leadership

4 Watch Richard St John on TED. 8 secrets of Success
5  Watch Simon Sinek on TED. The "Why?" Question..
6 Start attending startup community and TEDx events if you are lucky enough to live in a place where they exist: here in Krakow  Open Coffee Krk  Krakow Enterprise Mondays  TEDxKazimierz or TEDxKrakow meetups other events. Offer to help, get involved. and contribute.  Don't just consume.    Hang out with people who want to change reality for the better.  Get involved in a TEDx team.
7. Watch this talk by Ashton Kutcher - really. Be smart, Work hard, Be generous.
8 Get good at speaking in public in English.  
9 get a job in sales with an ethical company that will teach you how to sell. Everyone should know how to sell
10 Try to get into Entrepreneurs First . It ain't easy but if you manage it..... you will never look back
SAP, Java, Ruby... don't ask me
Good Luck
Richard Lucas

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