September 15, 2017

Project Kazimierz podcast handover - Kaizen and a New Chapter

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Greetings all

The  Project Kazimierz Podcast handover episode with Sam Cook  is on line here   This was recorded a few days ago when Sam made public what has been the case for a while, that he is handing over to me. Project Kazimierz is now 100% Richard Lucas's show. Good or bad -  the złoty stops with me.  Sign up iTunes here


Project Kazimierz handover episode with Sam Cook

I want to integrate my podcasting, blog and other activities.  This post is an example. Hopefully there will be positive synergy.
Valuable content should be shared widely.

I'm always looking for interesting and entertaining people, projects and ideas for the podcast (also as guest hosts for Open Coffee Krakow, speakers at  Krakow Enterprise Mondays ,   Wintrepreneurs  and  Cambentrepreneurs . If you are funny, and can tell jokes, I can help introduce you to  Krakow Standup Comedy

Ideas for the  TEDxKazimierz stage are very welcome - (but subject to much tougher criteria in terms of selection for obvious reasons.

I'm a great believer in Kaizen, the Japanese concept of continuous improvement. This integration of content delivery is just one step. Readers' ideas and suggestions  of ways to improve are also very welcome.






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