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Before we “speed date” at Infoshare 2018

May 2018
I’m on my way to – the largest IT event in Central Eastern Europe.
The reason ? I’m giving a talk about the challenges startup businesses have with management – and what founders and investors can about it. I’m also looking forward to seeing Peter Cowley, and his son Alan.

The organisers – who give the strong impression of knowing what they are doing – facilitate business speed dating.


I have received *a lot* of requests for meetings.This blog post is primarily for people who want to meet me.

Normally I refer people to  longer articles I have written saying what I want to know before meeting such as this

Questions From a Potential Investor  

and the somewhat passive aggressive “What do you think of my business idea?”  

For  “Infoshare Speed Dating”, this may be overkill – so this is a simplified process.

If you want to meet me about a business idea, please answer the questions below. For non-business meetings, just let me know in a sentence what it is about (I will probably say yes). Here goes:

1. What problem does your business (idea) solve?
2. Have you got any clients (or commitments to buy) for your product/service? If yes, please name 2-3 people who are either clients or have committed to become clients at the price you intend to charge.  If you think there will be thousands, it should be very easy to find 2-3,
3. What are your unit economics? How much more are you planning to charge clients that your cost of delivering whatever it is you business is providing.
4. How much money do you want, at what valuation?
5. Who is in your team?

If you are not able/willing to provide this level of detail, please describe in not more than three sentences compelling reasons to meet.