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February 24, 2016
Zombie post - a WordPress blog comes back from the Dead

Posted on February 24, 2016 Richard Lucas Towards the end of February 2015 I migrated this blog onto and posted “The Last Post” blog  where I wrote that it would be the last post ever on this blog (unless I changed my mind). Like a Zombie, this blog has come back to life. I […]

February 16, 2016
Building bridges between Jews for Entrepreneurs and the Polish startup scene

by Richard Lucas February 2016 I'm writing this post on the invitation of Jenny Belotserkovsky - one of the co-founders of Jews For Entrepreneurs. The route to this blog post started with a Mixergy podcast - where I heard Max Shevakov being interviewed by Andrew Warner on, the home of the upstart entrepreneur. Max was […]

February 13, 2016
Co founders/entrepreneurs/partners wanted

February 2016 I just created a new Google form to recruit business partners, following a conversation with my friend, business and squash partner Pawel Nowak.   Will it work ? I don't know. Below is the introduction  you will  read if you click on it.. to read the questions as well, you need to go to the […]

January 24, 2016
Ghana Code Club... an idea worth spreading

Richard Lucas January 2016 Every now and again I come across ideas and projects so worthwhile that I make contact with the people behind them. BBC Radio has been running a series "100 Women" and there were impressive broadcasts from Ghana and Uganda. through which I heard of Ernestina Appiah here Founder of Ghana Code […]

January 12, 2016
The business of being a wedding photographer

Richard Lucas March 2017 Introduction Wedding photography is a business like any other. The rewards go to those who are focussed, professional and work hard. Wedding photographs are cherished forever so you know you need to make them as wonderful as possible and capture the moments of the day. Whether you're capturing one of the […]

January 6, 2016
Between expertise and ignorance - be a generalist

Richard Lucas January 2016 What I don't know, why it matters, and the importance of knowing the right questions to ask I spent a serious amount of time looking for answers to questions that are relevant to the businesses I am involved in, or researching business projects. If I find what I am looking for, I […]

September 12, 2015
in depth interview with Michał Borkowski - CEO of Brainly - one of Kraków's world leading Startups

I won't analyse other than to note that - he has a BIG vision - he is aiming for 500 million monthly users. -he loves his job thanks to Michał for the interview, and  my Project Kazimierz Podcast co host Sam Cook Richard

August 30, 2015
What does the startup community need from Campus Warsaw? 15 Actions recommended

A Quora question here  provoked this Sunday morning article. Richard. Q What does the startup community need from Campus Warsaw?  Great question. 1. Support, attend  and partner with regular monthly or more frequent monthly events and meetups across Poland (not just Warsaw)  -  with satellite events/monthly meetup like Open Coffee Krakow OpenCoffeeKRK (that used to take place in […]

August 8, 2015
Go Warsaw : Reaktor is four years old today

Richard Lucas August 2015 When Google for Entrepreneurs announced that it was leaving Kraków and opening its Campus in  Warsaw many people in Kraków Startup Commmnity were a bit disappointed. However, it is better that Google Campus  in in Poland than elsewhere, and as  Dawid Ostrowski of Google Developers Relations pointed out Krakow has a lot of lessons […]

July 7, 2015
Open Coffee Kraków on the move (updated March 2018)

Richard Lucas  (March 2018 update -  Open Coffee Krakow is now in Rynek Glówny 28, thanks to Philippe Wahab and is in great shape. We organise our events on Meetup here    The leaders are Lorenzo Brigatti, Kamil Łopata  and sterling support from Jan Marczyński/  You can watch what happens with Facebook live here now back to […]

June 14, 2015
"You’re just too good to be true"  in praise of TEDx and

Richard Lucas 14th June 2015 Introduction   So it’s early Sunday morning and  TEDxKraków came to a close yesterday.  Not everyone knows about TED and TEDx. A very  successful businessman and friend called John told me just last week  - "I really must look into this TEDx thing".  Here is a short introduction about TED and TEDx by […]

June 14, 2015
Ashton Kutcher's Teen Choice Award speech transcript

24th June 2015 I needed this transcript for another article I was writing, so here it is. It's well worth sharing, The 4.30 second talk was so much talked about that he was interviewed about it for example by an American chat show host Ellen. Richard Lucas Host "here’s to my Friend and the Ulitmate Teenage choice award  […]

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