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Teaching Entrepreneurship

I lead workshops on Entrepreneurship at School, University and business School Level. When I am planning travel I routinely reach out to local schools, accelerators, business schools, and universities to see if there are opportunities to lead events and workshops. I usually find that meeting the sort of people who want to attend and organise […]

Open Coffee Global

Was born in the context of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.  We organise online meetings with globally distributed audiences and speakers. The goal is to educated and be useful, bringing the ideas of a wide range of experienced entrepreneurs into contact with those interested in what they have to say.   

Krakow Enterprise Mondays

Aims to bring students and others into contact with different types of business and social entrepreneurs. Guest entrepreneurs get short speaking slots to say:who they are and what they do, what lessons they have learned and what advice they would give a student starting out. We try to have an entrepreneur who has already “made […]

Project Kazimierz Podcast

The Project Kazimierz podcast focuses on interviewing people who have done something interesting - and is focused on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I run it as a public service, thinking that if I am lucky enough to meet someone interesting, I can share what they have to say with a wider audience.


I founded CAMentrepreneurs to support business and social entrepreneurship among Cambridge University alumni, current students and others. CAMentrepreneurs is organised with the same architecture that TED uses to support TEDx-es. When someone wants to launch a CAMentrepreneurs group in their city, I support them in a similar way to the way that TED supporters TEDx-ers. […]

TEDxKazimierz and other TED/TEDx related activities

I founded TEDxKazimierz under licence from in 2014 and have commitment a lot of my energy and commitment to putting the best people, projects and ideas from and for Kazimierz on our stage and online. I’ve focussed on building community among and TEDx fans, organising pre-events before other TEDx-es, hosting and attending regional TEDx […]

Open Coffee Krakow

Open Coffee is a friendly informal networking event for entrepreneurs, professionals, people in the startup community and students in Krakow. What is the BIG idea? We want to help people creating useful business connections. Everyone is welcome to our meetings, and we especially love first-timers. We want to make sure that if somebody coming from […]

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