Which are the best Polish Startups – 2019

Richard Lucas’s January 2019 update


I definitely want to add Callpage, led by Ross Knap from Krakow to the list.  Vivid-Q (based in Cambridge and London), has Aleksandra Pedraszewska is a co founder and squeaks in. led by Michal Mojzesz already had a mention, but they are now funded, and they continue to be a very high potential Polish Startup.  Reality Games led by Zbigniew Woźnowski has rapidly growing revenue and has been pouring money into products that could be make 2019 a year of incredible success.

Other new arrivals include  Autenti  electronic signatures, Contellio – Infographics on demand – early stage, restaurant e-commerce and social marketing, and Posbistro (funded and doing well).  Sinterit SLS 3D printing. Dr Omnibus Applied Behavior Analysis tool, BEIT Quantum Computing startup, headed by ex Googlers and brainy academics and Eventory Event management

A great year for Krakow 🙂

For detailed and informed commentary about the Krakow eco system check  Bartosz Józefowski’s (KTP) annual review  here . For Krakow Startups check out the much improved OMGKRK database . OMGKRK Foundation is functioning very well under Paul Kulon’s leadership. I’m pleased to support it and be an Ambassador.

If you feel you should be on this list, please fill in the form here 

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To be considered you must have clients who can be verified, unless there is something very unusual about your startup (like for example BEIT where the founders are have great reputations and I know them personally) 

This blog post started when my friend Ralph Talmont of TEDxWarsaw asked me for suggestions in preparing a speech-  in answering his e-mail I ended up creating this blog post. This is  both an aggregation of other lists –  (disclaimer – where I have done this  I am neither taking the credit for the work done, nor claiming that the startups listed are good companies –  in the sense of providing clients with something fun or  useful, creating good jobs, paying taxes and proving a return to investors).

If you want to keep up to date with the startup community  there are a few places to check regularly. My passive aggressive streak will take you here  though this approach can lead you to strange EU funded lists like this.  The best list of startups is here on Quora  (note the total lack of government money). Hat tip to Borys at Reaktor Warsaw for this, it’s copy pasted below.. Ramon’s Tancinco gave this memorable TEDxKraków talk and build this free site   which has a very good list including many startups.

There are places where local communities find out what is going on, For example OMGKRK’s Facebook page, and the #OMGKRK hashtag for the community.  Proseed magazine in Polish  and Bitspiration and Mam Startup Goal Europe has regional news. Probably Techcrunch is a great place to look. Mike Butcher and John Biggs know more about our eco-system than most, and regularly visit.